16 July 2008

WYD 2008, day 2

Day 2 of WYD for the NAPCC Capuchins in attendance began with a 45-minute bus ride from the Capuchin Retreat Center in Plumpton, where they are staying, to St. Fiacre Church in Leichhardt. Here the Capuchins, along with other groups of WYD participants, attended catechesis and Eucharist led by Cardinal Sean O'Malley. The subject of the day's catechesis was, "Called to live in the Holy Spirit." Apparently, Cardinal O'Malley already has a following through his blog or other means, since the participants were clearly pleased when it was announced that he would be the morning's speaker.

After Mass, the participants were treated to an Australian barbecue for lunch. They then walked a short distance to the Italian Forum for an afternoon of song provided by various artists. Brother Dean Mathieson and his band performed once again. Gary Pinto, who co-wrote the official theme song for WYD 2008, performed with his band. The closing act was provided by "Pellisintetiche", led by Brother Lucio Saggioro, a Capuchin of the Venice Province. The humorous and energetic performance had the WYD participants on their feet dancing in no time.


Brother Charles said...

Thanks for these reports, brother!

Anonymous said...

Capuchins are truly youthful, and joyful men! Kep up the good works of God working in yoou brother!

Paulus said...

Unfortunately I dind`t know anything about the Capuchin Retreat Center in Plumpton. I would have gone with my seven youngster gladly to the lecture of the cardinal, but indeed I had no informations where it would happen. So I arrivend al Leichard in the afternoon, expacting something cappuccin like a great event with bands and singing from young people and friars and many international acts. The theme should have been “Celebrating our Unity in Diversity”.
When we arrived, we heard loud music, 30 young people and 20 cappuccins. I was very astonished about the loudness, which pain my ears and the ears of the young in such a way, that we decidet to leave the place - also because we were disconcerted about the further programm. We looked for the convent of the friars five minutes away from Italian Plazza (and I could by the way find you, Mark, and the Brother Cardinal and the provincial of Australia sitting in one italian restaurant, so I could give a short Hallo to you, not longer, because I had to go the way with my group). At the convent we were very friendly welcomed by Brother Carmill, 82 years. We prayed with him and he explains uns the story of the australian provinz and what the friars now are living in Australia. Than he offered us coffee und cake: What a marvelous experience of hospitality and spirit of the prayer. After showing us the church, we returend to Italian plazza, wondering, what there would happen. We heard and saw Brother Lucio for half an our ... and went home.