20 October 2017

Chapter of the Stigmata Province

Meet the new provincial minister and council of the Province of the Sacred Stigmata of Saint Francis (aka the New Jersey Province). The provincial minister is Br. Remo DiSalvatore (center), the provincial vicar is Br. Robert Williams (second from the right), the second councilor is Br. Francisco Arrendondo (far right), the third councilor is Br. Ronald Giannone (far left) and the fourth councilor is Br. Robert Perez (second from the left).

Congratulations and godspeed. 

01 October 2017

At the Service of the Church as Capuchins

About half of our Capuchin bishops attended the gathering held for them in Assisi on September 13-15. We are extremely proud of these men - dedicated both to serving the Church and to preserving their Capuchin spirit.