26 June 2014

New Ministers Meeting 2014

Brs. Tomasz Zak, Štefan Kožuh and Jonathan Williams listen to a talk by Br. Mauro Jöhri
Seventeen provincial ministers and custodes from around the world gathered in Frascati from June 22 to 28 for the annual New Ministers Meeting of the Order. All of the participants were elected to the office of minister within the last twelve months. Five of the ministers were from Brazil, two from India, and one each from Ireland, Colombia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Zimbabwe, Malta, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Poland, and Slovenia.

The week-long meeting is an opportunity to provide the brothers with practical information that will help them in their ministry of service. Input is provided by the general council on topics such as "The figure and role of the provincial minister and custos," "Authority and obedience," "Fidelity to the consecrated life," and "The animation of a jurisdiction." The general procurator and assistant general procurator explain some of the more common canonical matters that the ministers may need to deal with, and the directors of various other offices describe the work of the office and how it may be of assistance to the brothers. 

Information does not flow only one way during the week. Through discussions both in small groups and in the general sessions, the participants offer feedback on their own experiences in the offices to which they have been called, which in turn helps the general council in its service to the Order.