24 January 2015

A Quintet of Secretaries

There was a rare sighting in the refectory at lunch today — five current or former general secretaries of the Order were present. We had this picture taken to commemorate the moment. From left to right they are:

  • Br. Clayton Fernandes (Province of Goa, India): 2013-present. 
  • Br. Sidney Damasio Machado (Province of ParanĂ¡-Santa Catarina, Brazil): 2007-2012. Currently pursuing a doctorate in liturgical art in Rome.
  • Br. Marek Przeczewski (Province of Warsaw, Poland): 2002-2006. Currently serving as the guardian and director of communications in the general curia.
  • Br. Gandolf Wild (Province of Switzerland): 1995-2002. Currently serving as assistant secretary to Bishop Paul Hinder in the Apostolic Vicariate of Southern Arabia.
  • Just a Brother (Province of Mid-America, USA): 1994-1995. Currently writing this blog entry.

To my knowledge, there are only two other former general secretaries still living:
Dominiek Desplentere (Province of Flemish Belgium): 1988-1994, and
Saturnino Ara Burugorri (Province of Spain): 1982-1988.

In my defense, I was cleaning my room before lunch and was not expecting to have my picture taken.