18 November 2017

Solanus Casey beatification - 1

Capuchins from all parts of North America are gathering in Detroit this weekend for the November 18 beatification of Br. Solanus Casey, the first North American Capuchin to become a Blessed, and only the second American-born male to reach this honor. Many of those present in the city came together on Friday evening for Evening Prayer and appetizers in one of Detroit's Capuchin Soup Kitchens this evening, and then were transported to the other Capuchin Soup Kitchen for dinner. The joyous occasion of Solanus' beatification was made even more joyous by the presence of so many Capuchins.

Speaking to the assembled friars during Vespers, the General Minister, Br. Mauro Jöhri, spoke of how Venerable Solanus Casey modeled the Capuchin charism for us. While he never traveled to a distant land, he embodied the missionary spirit by welcoming and accepting everyone who came to him, in the same way that Jesus welcomed all the sick, the suffering and even sinners. Although this is the first beatification of an American Capuchin, Mauro reminded us, it should not be the last. The path to holiness taken by Solanus is open to all of us, and now that sixty years have passed since the death of Solanus, it is time for others to follow his lead. Even if we have done nothing up until now, let us begin again, brothers!


Fr. Bob said...

Do we still promote SMA? That was such a big part of the life of Men. Solanus. BTW, you look good amd healthy, that is good to see after so ma y years flying all over the world.

JAB said...

The SMA still exists, although in some places it is now called CMA, or Capuchin Mass Association. Now that the provinces in North America are sending fewer friars to the missions, it probably does not have the importance it once did.