18 July 2014

A new Capuchin stigmatic?

Two brothers have brought to my attention that a website operating in the United States claims to be raising money for "Fr. David", who, according to the site, is a Capuchin with the stigmata. According to the account on the website, when he was an infant "Fr. David" was cured by Padre Pio. He later entered the Capuchin Order and now runs two orphanages in Italy.

I have researched the matter thoroughly and can say with moral certainty that there is no such friar in the Capuchin Order. Here are the facts:

  • A check of the Order's database shows that none of the Italian provinces have anyone named David or Davide of an age consistent with the story presented on the website. 
  • The postulation for the cause of Pio of Pietralcina claims to know nothing of this miraculous cure, nor of anyone bearing the stigmata. 
  • To my knowledge, no Capuchin province runs an orphanage in Italy. 
  • Both the current and former general ministers of the Order have denied knowledge of any living stigmatic in the Order.
Perhaps most telling is the fact that while there are many photographs of "Fr. David's" stigmata, there is never a clear photograph of his face. As a wise, holy friar told me, "i santi mostrano il loro volto luminoso e nascondono i doni mistici, come le stimmate. Questo fa il contrario" ("a saint will show the radiance of his face and hide mystical gifts, such as the stigmata. This person does the opposite").  

Given the fact that Padre Pio's name is being used to solicit donations, it would be prudent to warn the Padre Pio prayer groups of your area against falling for the story of this modern-day stigmatic.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for clarifying this information. It amazes me how often the "trusting old church ladies" seem to be prey to these frauds. They believe and send money without investigating.

Cellogal said...

I just posted this on the Mary's Way Worldwide Apostalate. It is a bit harsh, but I am furious with this man who is ripping gullible people off, including a good friend of mine,who is a devout Catholic convert. We both love St Pio very much....

Francis Slinksy is a fraud and a con-artist of the highest order. There is no such "stigmatic Capuchin priest" by the name of Father David. I know this for a fact, as a close friend has emailed the Capuchin Superior General in Italy regarding this matter, and had received his emailed reply, in Italian, stating that no such priest exists.
This whole story fed to the public by a supposedly good Catholic man, is a complete fallacy. Another friend has paid hundreds of dollars for pious goods which he received, including a picture of Our Lady, which he never received. People, DO NOT BE DECEIVED!! There is NO Father David. Why do we never see photographs of his face?? The Capuchins have no records of him. There are no orphanages in Italy!!

Francis Slinksy, perhaps you are a Catholic, and IF you are, you need to repent, because you have defrauded who knows how many people with this fairy tale. Imagine how Jesus, the Holy Mother and St Pio must feel about what you are doing. This is an insult to Padre Pio, Mary and the Holy Trinity. It's obvious that your greed and lies know no bounds. Perhaps you are working for the enemy and these goods are cursed. I for one, will not be buying them. Every Catholic should know that authentic relics are never to be sold. It is forbidden by the Church.
Please do the decent thing by the public that you have duped, and admit your lies and refund them their money!
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Richard Chonak said...

Thank you for raising the alert, Br. Mark!

The Bishop of Trenton's statement is on the net now at

and other bloggers have joined in cautioning the faithful about the claims of "Mary's Way":

Kathy Schiffer (Patheos):

Terry Nelson (Abbey Roads):

JAB said...

Thanks for the comments. They have had an effect -- the "Mary's Way" website has changed its claims. It now states that "Fr. David Roberto" used to be a Capuchin, but then left to found a new Order, the "Missionaries of Charity of Padre Pio". There are discrepancies in the account of his time with the Capuchins that make it almost certain that he never was a part of the Order. As for the "Missionaries of Charity of Padre Pio", they are not listed in the Annuario Pontificio, the Vatican's official guide to all the approved organizations in the Catholic Church. The "MCPP" might be a diocesan-right congregation, but it is not listed in the Official Catholic Directory of the United States. I cannot say for certain that it does not exist, but given all the other untruths on the website, I won't believe it until I see proof.

Anonymous said...

The Diocese of Los Angeles has also commented on this situation. A list of so-called "priests" has been published. These "priests" have no faculties to minister. There is an entire list of them. Please review.

Jessica Barrios-Arguello said...

Brother Mark. I was invited by my neighbor for a healing rosary session with "Father David", the stigmatic Capuchin priest conducting the healing session. I personally met Father David, and he had a very cautious demeanor about him. I wanted to take a picture of him while he was talking to one of the people in attendance, and he was quick react reprimanding me from taking his picture. I was perplexed and had my doubts about him ever since.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother Mark,

I can understand the concerns of the respondent of November 22nd and others. This Fr. David is not an RC priest, rather he is allegedly a priest of the Old Catholic Church. The Old Catholic Church was founded in the 1500's and is NOT in communion with Rome. He is not and never was a Capuchin and his creating of a "new" order of priests is purely unofficial. In addition, there is a photo of so-called Father David as a young boy with Padre Pio allegedly taken in Italy. According to the a contact at the Padre Pio shrine in Pennsylvania, this is NOT Father David as a child and in fact, the child in the photo is now a grown man still alive in Italy. This same man visited the Pennsylvania shrine and was appalled to learn that the image was hijacked and fraudulently used. This alleged Father David was NOT born in Italy and is not of Italian descent rather he is of Hispanic descent. A very sad and disheartening situation indeed.

polack said...

I am 68 years old and fell for the line Francis Slinsky gave me about Fr David and his orphanage in Mexico. I guess I am too trusting of anything that has to do with the Catholic Church, the Blessed Mother and St Padre Pio. I could not fathom that this was a scam, because of the background information.\, and pictures, on the website. The only reason I found the site was because I wanted to offer Gregorian masses offered in the Tridentine Rite, for our deceased relatives. I spent $565 because I was told that Gregorian Masses would be said by Holy monks at Cathedrals in the Holyland. I was also told that Fr David would offer 730 Masses for my intentions. I made the mistake of not researching the complaints, first! Who would of thought anyone would perpetrate such a scam, in the first place!

Cellogal said...

Hi Polack,
I am sorry to read about your experience with this fraudster. I alerted the Bishop of Trenton from here in Australia, after what happened to my friend and his family, and they released a statement on the diocesan website. I would recommend your alert the Diocese of Trenton so they can notify the appropriate authorities. This sham needs to be shut down ASAP.
Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

The bishop of the Diocese of Trenton posted a discrediting article in the diocesan newspaper in March, 2015 and again in June. Litigation was threatened via the local county prosecutor's office but to date nothing has happened. I would guess it's just a matter of time.