29 October 2009

Capuchins in the 21st Century

Here is the presentation I made at the meeting of the Conference Presidents a few weeks ago. Google Docs didn't handle the graphics very well so some words are cut off and others overlap.

Some of the slides may not be self-explanatory so here are the instructions for seeing my notes on the slides. First, click on the box to the right of the words 'Slide 1/27' at the bottom of the opening slide. This will open the presentation in a new window. At the bottom of this window, again to the right of the words 'Slide 1/27' there is a drop-down box called 'Actions'. Click on the arrow to see the various actions available and choose 'Display speaker's notes' (or something similar). This should bring up a smaller window with my notes in it. Use the arrows at the bottom left of the slide to move forward or backward through the presentation.

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Brother Charles said...

Interesting and very challenging! Thanks for posting this.

(North American, temporary professed at age 30, perpetually at 34)