23 April 2011

Good Friday homily

I am posting the link to the homily Br. Raniero Cantalamessa delivered during the Good Friday service in the Basilica of Saint Peter yesterday. As Preacher of the Pontifical Household, it is one of Raniero's duties to preach the Good Friday homily in Saint Peter's each year.

Not only is the homily worth reading, it also serves as a notice, to those who didn't know it already, that our brother Raniero has a website where one can find the homilies he preaches to the Pontifical Household each Friday during Lent and Advent. You can also find articles and news items about him on the site. Best of all, almost all of it has been translated into English. It could be a good resource if you need an idea for a homily or a talk, especially during Advent and Lent.

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