20 September 2014

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

Since the General Curia has an international fraternity and serves an international Order, it makes sense that its signage should be understandable to people of all languages. Here are some of the new signs, along with their meaning. 

Elevator or lift

Men's restroom

Wheelchair accessible restroom

Acrobatics room

A Celebration of Gratitude

The fraternity of the General Curia hosted a celebration to thank all the workers who had a part in the renovation of the generalate. Over one hundred workers, spouses and children attended. There was a short ceremony during which Br. Mauro recognized the hard work and dedication that went into the renovation project, followed by a video that recounted the various phases of the work. The celebration concluded with a beautiful dinner prepared by our cook Claudio and our staff.

13 September 2014

House blessing of the renovated General Curia

Nearly three years after moving out of the building in Via Piemonte, home of the Capuchin General Curia since about 1950, the friars were able to return a few weeks ago. To say that we are happy with the results would be an understatement. The renovations, while maintaining the original sobriety in the choice of materials and the simplicity of its style, has given the Order a generalate that is much more comfortable and functional.

The renovated facility was solemnly blessed by the General Minister, Mauro Jöhri, on Saturday, September 13. About sixty invited guests attended the ceremonies, including members of the generalate staff, friars from the fraternities in Rome, representatives of the Capuchin Conferences, and the architects and contractors along with their families. The NAPCC was ably represented by Br. Francis Gasparik, Provincial Minister of the Province of Saint Mary.

The celebration began in the courtyard with prayers. Mauro and a small group of friars then processed through the building, blessing it with holy wat
er. When he was finished blessing the house, everyone moved into the chapel for the Eucharist.

Following the celebration of the Mass, a brief ceremony was held in the "Sala di catechesi" (meeting room) during which Mauro thanked the various people who were most involved in the work of renovating the building. This was followed by a video presentation put together by Br. Marek Przeczewski showing the various stages of the work, from the time of the "exodus" until our return to the building a few weeks ago. 

The guests were then served hors d'oeuvres in the portico of the courtyard. It was a splendid Roman September day, pleasantly warm without being too hot, and nary a cloud in sight. 

The celebrations concluded with a pranzone prepared by our excellent kitchen staff. If anyone left hungry, it was his or her own fault. After dinner, a tour of the building were offered for anyone who wanted it.